Praying woman handsGod nudged me into meaningful prayer at the end of 2014. Chris and I attended a wonderful prayer conference in November that revealed to me that my prayer life was definitely lacking – frequent, hurried and shallow prayer was something I needed to improve. So, I prayed for discipline and God told me to start a women’s bible study on prayer in December. Not exactly what I thought when I prayed for discipline but God knows how I’m wired – if I’m responsible for something, I’ll put the energy into doing it. Around the same time, I was asked to head the Prayer Room decor at the 2015 State Transformed Women’s Conference. After much not-so-shallow-prayer, I knew it would thrust me into a deeper focus on prayer and agreed to be part of the planning team.

BAM! – There you have it – 3 events in less than a month that have set my life in a new direction. Lesson here: God is good and be careful what you pray for 😀

Fast forward to today – I created this blog to chronicle my journey in discovering a richer prayer life and documenting the changes prayer will bring to my life. No matter “who” (even if I’m the only who!) is out there, may you find fullness in our Lord in 2015!

Changing through prayer,


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